A brand new batch of damselflies are now available. Two new jellyfish lamps are available also, a milky white with touches of periwinkle, and one in steel blue/light coral oranges.

More for 2020 at Mason’s Creations…

An expanded line of creative release recycled glass funzies that will include cast rondel ornaments with the octopus theme, new improved sugar maple leaves, and a rebooted line of greatly improved cast glass mushrooms.

Two new pages for this website. A gallery page that will showcase the evolution of my favorite stained glass pieces. A sale page of items that are about to be discontinued, due to the artist wishing to focus mostly on lamp themes (but still made or refurbished to up to date quality). 


RC Handcrafted Jewelry – (damselflies, irises & orchids, maple leaves, possibly some sunflowers) – 241 Commercial St, Provincetown, MA 02657  

Freed Gallery – 6119 Southwest Highway 101, Lincoln City, OR 97367 (damselflies)

Carefree Buffalo – 130 W California St, Jacksonville, OR 97530 (damselflies, orchids & irises).

Edel’s Art Glass – 88 Putney Road, Putney, Vermont (best selection of maple leaves, plus handmade fruits by yours truly that are great to hang in your window panes and more classy than those mass produced ones found in 1970s pub lamps) MAY STILL HAVE IRREGULAR HOURS, CALL BEFORE YOUR VISIT (802)-387-2115

Xanadu Gallery at Flagstaff – 7039 E Main St #101, Scottsdale, AZ 85251 (damselflies)



Likely will be at Cracked Pots 2020, with the last of the small damselflies, new improved glass mushrooms, sugar maple leaves, and octo-ments.

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