Mason’s Creations is now approaching its 30th Anniversary of providing quality stained glass art and customer service through its many phases of garden art, lamp fixtures, and more, as any of these customers and many more that you could locate will tell you, and I hope that you will be one too. Pictures are less blurry if you click on to view.


1993, Japanese Sun window for Beadniks bead store, Brattleboro, VT


1993, Donna Kozinski, purchasing an early lamp direct from the artist at Spiral Shop Gallery in Marlboro, VT while visiting from Texas.

1994, Harold Makepeace presenting commissioned stained glass portrait to Edna Earl, Sanford, NC.


1994, stained glass renditions of paintings by modern Italian impressionist Eliano Fantuzzi, friend of Charles Edward Brooks, Zurich, Switzerland.

“Mason Parker is one of the most talented and accomplished artists I have ever known. Not only that: In business dealings he is an impeccable partner. Every order I have placed with him has been dealt with efficiently and promptly. Shipments are timely and prepared so as safeguard the items sent to a maximum degree. On the financial level everything functions perfectly. If this praise sounds fulsome it is because the artist richly deserves just that.”

– Charles Edward Brooks, Zurich, Switzerland


1994, one of a pair of freeform glass window pieces for Pink Flamingo Boutique, Brattleboro, VT.


1994, Falling Leaves window for Steve Dibner, San Fransisco, CA.


1997, Great Blue Heron window for Morton Finklestein, Londonderry, VT


1998, Planets window for Ted Jarowski, Amherst, MA

“I write to give Mason Parker my highest recommendation.  I have known Mason for over 25 years.  We first met living in Vermont.  I was on an excursion with family and visited The Spiral Shop indoor/outdoor interactive gallery that he co-created and founded.  A magnificent surprise was his talent and gallery.  My family spent many splendid hours there over the coming years appreciating his singular style and creative stature. People traveled from all over New England and New York to witness his spectacular artwork in a beautiful setting. The gallery is remembered today and was recently referenced as a Vermont Nouveau Standard in local artist publications.

Most notable to  to me is the exhilarating and loving reaction many people have to his art in my home.   Mason commissioned several stain glass works and restorations for my historic homes.  His “Blue Saturn with Love” is a celestial gem perfectly balanced in a mid century modern home design appreciated by many and highlighted in Homes of Distinction. His Green Jellyfish Lamps were the perfect touch for a friend’s ocean home on Martha’s Vineyard adding much distinction.

     Withal, Mason  is most personable and affable.  He bears his interests lightly and the end result is free-flowing creative expansion. His interests are wide and varied.   Efficient, friendly and surprisingly willing and able to tailor many needs with gifted focus and quality, Mason will always have a loving and appreciative following.  If you have any questions, please contact me.

I shall be happy to speak with you.  Our best to Mason Parker.

– Dr. Thaddeus Jarowski (or just Ted Jarowski)


1998, freeform maple leaf lamp for Donna Lish, Morristown, NJ.

“Mason, the lamp is gorgeous here, it casts lace shadows on the ceiling, Adieu, Donna” 


1999, wildflower study door accent windows for Gwenn Vartanian, Egg Harbor Township, NJ


1999, irises and winter birds panels for Marie Vartanian, NJ


2000, Coy Chandelier for Harold Makepeace, Marlboro, VT


2000, 12X life size Monarch butterfly at Liz Tucker’s summer home, Lake Willoughby, VT


2000, Jellyfish Lamp trio at Spoke The Hub dance studio, Brooklyn, NY

“I first became acquainted with MASON PARKER’S CREATIONS almost 20 years ago where his colorful and whimsical work on display at a crafts fair in Vermont caught my eye.  I asked him if he could make me three hanging lamps for my brownstone apartment in Brooklyn which  he did – they came out even better than I had hoped and I still enjoy them every day I walk into my kitchen!

I then commissioned him to create a larger “chandelier” for my entry foyer and we discussed the idea of a “garden of Eden” of some sort, or a big ‘tree” image that held within it all kinds of flora and fauna.   He created a beautiful, wild, organic lighting fixture that he drove done to Brooklyn himself and hand delivered and which still delights everyone who walks in my front door.

Mason and his art work are one of a kind.  He is a delightful and quirky artist who loves nature and animals and continues to include this kind of imagery in his glass work as well as drawings and paintings.  I love that he is ever-evolving, always exploring new ideas and media, and continuing to produce new work.  He remains the kind, effervescent, versatile, singular and committed artist with a clear and unwavering vision that I met decades ago.  I look forward to welcoming more new work by Mason into my home and arts centers someday and highly recommend him to others who wish to bring a little wildness and color into their homes as well.”

– Elise Long

2001, Forest Window Triptych windows at Liz Tucker’s residence, somewhere in the midwest.



2001, Great Blue Heron window at Barry and Cheri Oberprillar residence, Leverett, MA


2001, Abstract Iris window at Barry and Cheri Oberprillar residence, Leverett, MA

2005, 12X life size Common Morpho butterfly at Doug Falkenburg residence, Riverdale, NY


2011, Moonlit Trees panels at David Capelli residence


2012, garden mushrooms at a repeat customer’s home, Santa Cruz, CA

“We purchased our original “mushroom” in an Art Gallery while vacationing in Provincetown.  After a few years in our garden, it was inadvertently knocked over and broke.  I was able to track down Mason on the internet, and he was more than happy to make another for us with a more substantial mounting pole.  Mason also offered to repair our broken piece as well!  We shipped the pieces to him, and he did a great job putting Humpty Dumpty back together again!

We love these glass garden art sculptures.  They are made of the highest quality materials and are a great accent in our gardens.  Mason has gone the extra mile for us.  I would highly recommend adding one of his pieces to your collection.”

– Robert O.
Santa Cruz, CA


2012, sunflowers and yellow toned octopus chandelier at Terry Julien residence, Halifax, Nova Scotia

2016, red toned octopus chandelier at Lorraine Hirsch residence, Los Gatos, CA



2016, sunflowers and large damselflies at Janice Ellison residence, overlooking Verranazo Bridge, NY.