OCTOPUS CHANDELIERS, new one is now complete!


A combination of fused and stained glass techniques. It will fit inside a roughly 5′ spherical space, ideally near a stairwell in a big living room as the customer in the lower photo has. $21,000. Free shipping in the continental USA, or free delivery and assembly within 400 miles of Portland Oregon.






Same size and price, with all the same features as the bulbous headed style above, just a different shaped head.

This was the previous one, its new home in Foothill Ranch CA. At first I thought to do one in grey and white tones was a strange request, but was very happy with the results. It reminds me of those white candles that you see in windows of old New England homes around Christmas time.

Otherwise, I make these chandeliers in red toned and amber toned. Sooner or later I will try a purple toned octopus, which I am saving to celebrate the eighth one. I am also confident that my designs for future ones with screw-less arms will work as hoped.

7 thoughts on “OCTOPUS CHANDELIERS, new one is now complete!

    • It’s easy. The back of the head is hinged and opens. To change rope lights you unplug them and take out the screws at the base of the arms and then snake the new ones in, with a simple little tool I include.

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