Triple purpose…lots of light, some light, or romantic candle light. This one measures approximately 5′ across depending on which way you measure…Its head/body is about the size of an average watermelon and each arm would be about 4 feet long if you stretched it out straight. Arms and votives are easily detachable for moving or changing out candles or its rope lights inside.

$21,000. SOLD, working on a special order one at present time that you can see progress on at my LATEST NEWS page. I will have another one underway afterwards in July 2018, its olor and style to be announced, possibly with screw-less arms. So if you have been wanting one, now’s the time to put in a request.


Extra sets of eight candle votives, in different colors that you may want for special occasions, are $150 each. Chandeliers come in red toned, amber toned, and sooner than later I will try a purple toned one.


Same size and has all the same features as the oblong headed style above, just different style head. $19,000. SOLD








  1. We love this and wondered If you could make a small one at a more affordable price and also for a smaller area.Being a fine artist myself I know the time you are spending on these so I agree this wonderful chandelier is priced accordingly but too big for what we need and too expensive for us also.

  2. Omg that is so beautiful and intrakit this must have taken quite a while to create and to do my God people who have worked with stain glass would understand, but not your average person! What an amazing job! Well done can’t afford one but love it just the same!!!!!!!!!!

  3. If I had money to burn and not have concerns about protecting my tomorrows with a family of 6, I would absolutely buy this.. i LOVE THE SEA, spent 5 years living in Athens Greece /./ grew up on the Ocean for years.. This lamp is stupendous love love love xoxoxoxo

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