Creative Transition & Test Pieces Sale HAS STARTED

Creative Transition & Test Pieces Sale at Mason’s Creations – HAS STARTED!

These items are one time pieces I did for personal use, or were one time experiments, or I got to where I’d done enough of them and wanted to move on.

All are as good as they were when I first made them, but it’s time to clear out studio space with some excellent deals for you.

OCTOPUS LAMPS – This pair of lamps I did last spring to test some techniques. Each measures 2.5 – 3 feet across and the lighting in the arms and head turns on together. Arms and bottom piece are removable for transportation and changing bulbs. The lighting is a combination of LED Christmas lights in the arms that are connected with Molex plugs, and a single bulb is in its body. These can be be changed out with a new lighting system without too much hassle if needed. $950 each.

SHRIMP SERVER – Plate is about 12” wide, where your seafood snacks go, and the sauce in the top part which was soldered with lead free solder for food safety. $375.

SUNFLOWER LAMPS – Just like the regular garden ones that you might remember, only they light up and have leaves on the back of the blossoms. They stand about 2′ tall and blossom is about a foot wide. $600 each, the pair for $1000

CANDLESTICKS – Most are about 14” high give or take a couple inches. $25 each, look at photos and describe which ones you want.

MUSHROOM CAPS – All are about 7” wide. Stems are not included because I am going to re-use them for the new ones, but are very easy to make. All you do is cut a piece of 1/2” copper tube about 16” long to fit inside the 5/8” coupler on its underside. $20 each, look at photos and describe which ones you want.

DRAGONS – They have about 14” wingspan each and wings are detachable, five different ones to choose from as in the photos. $35 each.


Discounts for multiple items. Free shipping anywhere in US or Canada for orders over $250 applies