Final Gallery Remnants Sale, through June 2018

My sea creature lamps have proved as successful as I’d hoped, and I plan to make many more. Though I’ll still be making the large damselflies, irises, and orchids, it’s time to otherwise say goodbye to the 3-D glass garden sculptures.

And like I am sure every artist has, I made a few pieces that I liked but they turned out to be not cost effective enough to keep doing.

This is your chance to get some great deals. More or less 50% regular price.

Discounts for multiple items, contact me for details.

Feel free to request additional photos.

Free shipping anywhere in US or Canada applies. (NOTE: if you get a butterfly you may be on your own for getting a rock base, as some may be unshippable due to the 70lb UPS weight limit)

Feel free to request additional photos.

Sale ends for good on June 30th. After that everything gets donated or repurposed.