All have detachable wings and can be set onto the stand and rod that comes with them, attached to the wall, or be hung in three different ways.

28”wide, I make them in the eight different color combinations in the catalogue below.

$475 each, always in stock.

New replacement wings are $80 each. Remelted wings, which generally come out pretty good, are $25 each.

Five ways to display them, each one includes a rock stand. 5 ways to display them, each includes the rock stand and its 2′ standing rod.

All now have these newly designed compound eyes.

Closeup of compound eyes made with dichroic glass


1 iridized black/red

2 dark red/scarlet red

3 cranberry red/pink

4 cobalt blue/aqua blue

5 marine blue/medium blue

6 iridized medium green/lavender

7 eggplant purple/yellow-green

8 iridized black/dark oxblood red


























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