LATEST NEWS (6-29-2020)

Two people so far have asked about larger versions of jellyfish lamps, and one previous customer went ahead and commissioned a pair of lilac-magenta ones.

Their skeletons are done and the tentacles are in progress. The domes will be about 13″ wide and will include 24 tentacles each (6 large, 6 medium, and 12 small around the socket/bulb) that are longer. The regular sized are 11″ wide and have 18 tentacles.

This comes out to be a convenient formula, as making two larges is almost the same amount of work and materials as three regulars.

This has not been the smoothest week at Mason’s Creations. Normally slumping a dome just a little larger would create no problems, but despite bringing up the temperature at 60 degrees per hour, half the normal speed, I still had both discs crack and had to melt them back together.

Confounded, I went down to Bullseye glass and explained what was happening, and the technician told me I wasn’t getting ventilation under the mold, which created uneven heating spots, and the remedy was to put a couple posts under it. It worked!

So, thanks to Dijonai’s expertise, and his brilliance of knowing what questions to ask me, things won’t be stuck at this stage much longer. The tentacles are all fritted and waiting for some kiln room.