LATEST NEWS (6-7-2021)

Featured stained glass piece:

Never too much sun for glass tulips, making the most out of counter intuitive complimentary colors.

“Some fiend has substituted this poor man’s yellow posies for pink posies, which poses a problem”…

The last of the free hanging floral panels from 2009-2011 from when I was making them to sell at Glass Gazebo. It was based in Provincetown Massachusetts, which probably got many more customers with large single family homes than if it was based on the west coast.

I don’t like tulips much but had some large scraps of Youghiogheny spring green glass with pink streaks that turns yucky when melted and would have been a shame to cut up into small pieces, so I reverse engineered and mostly planned the pattern around the scraps. One of the very distinctive qualities of this brand of glass is that looks and feels waxy to the touch, almost like a hi-bounce ball fresh out of the dispenser. 

For some reason these shades of green and pink, quite literally naturally go well together, especially with tulips. And isn’t at least some of what art is about is making something ugly, tacky, or unassuming look pretty?

The Glass Gazebo unfortunately closed its doors soon afterwards, but not before I briefly shifted over to experimenting with night scenes, which will be featured in upcoming newsletters.

TULIPS, stained glass, 22X22″, April 2009


Glass sugar maple leaves that didn’t quite make it to target color shades and textures, but still beautiful. 

@ Rose City Book Pub

1329 NE Fremont Street, Portland, OR 97212 Open noon to 10PM every day.