LATEST NEWS (11-24-2020)


Glass sugar maple leaves and more that didn’t quite make it to target color shades and textures, but still beautiful.

Happening now throughout Christmas at Rose City Book Pub.

Located at

1329 NE Fremont Street, Portland, OR 97212 Open noon to 10PM every day.

One of the three new jellyfish lamps is now complete.

Photo of real Japanese Sea Nettle I found, target.

The more success I have with my jellyfish lamps the more I am excited to see how close I can get the shapes and colors of the photos of the real ones that I work from. This is a more difficult goal than when I used to do my renditions of butterflies, which are not so gelatinous or dependent on whatever underwater lighting conditions are. I got much closer this time, after a recent grammar school memory flash of making tie dye shirts in arts class. Some kids were more advanced and would layer the dyes to get different ring colors on the same shirt. I tried this basic technique with the dome, by firing heavy dustings of orange and pink glass powder frit on the flat disc. Then taking the fired disc and adding brighter orange lines of frit onto it and spreading them apart with my fingers to make the lines thinner and not as fuzzy and firing it again over a slump mold.

I had success using the same technique on the tentacles, and the layering also expanded my capabilities for blending, giving me more control over hitting target colorings.

And I implemented a tiny technical improvement. Thicker hangers that are stiff enough so they don’t slowly lengthen out over time from pulling the chain on and off.


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