LATEST NEWS (9-22-2021)


Mason’s Creations returns to the studio from a three month hiatus in

There is nowhere on the planet or time of year where one cannot see a memorable moon scene. Deceptively crucial for many forms of life including us, there is an almost infinite variation of backgrounds of both surface and sky outside its phases that can be artistically and poetically inspiring. Maybe that’s why they have been a consistently popular theme for stained glass windows. Though my personal favorite is a first quarter moon in a damp early spring sky, full ones usually work better with panels which is why they are nearly always my choice when making panels to sell through galleries.

This panoramic desert moon was one such example, likely inspired by my many cross country drives across the deserts of the western USA. Occasionally I would pass by a lake, once the Great Salt Lake and see its perfect mirrored reflections. For this I used some strange unidentified glass I had laying around my studio, which had a ripply texture and was vaseline colored but when you looked through it it was bright pink and green, in corresponding parts of the sky and hills. Hopefully its new owner feels as tranquil looking at it as a typical late afternoon in a desert is when you may see an almost full moon coming up. For this I spread some orange powder frit on the translucent moon piece and used a dull pencil to dot in some craters, then fired it over a gradually pitched dome mold before I incorporated it into the panel.

Rising Desert Moon, stained glass, 22″X6″


Glass sugar maple leaves that didn’t quite make it to target color shades and textures, but still beautiful. 

@ Rose City Book Pub

1329 NE Fremont Street, Portland, OR 97212 Open noon to 10PM every day.

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