LATEST NEWS (4-4-2021)


Old name, two new designs. 

“Geo-shrooms” are back to “garden mushrooms”. Much easier to accurately describe to customers, and most of the new ones have more organic looking patterns anyway.

Also available at my newly revived Etsy storefront.

“Irises 2021” progress.

Did you like the photo of my Bearded Irises stained glass panel I did in 2011 that I posted recently? The newsletter version was titled “Pressed flowers you can see through”. If you did, you will be happy to know that another 22″X22″ panel similar to it is nearly done. Though the subject matter and style is the same, this one has the benefit of ten years of practice since of fun with glass fusion techniques on the individual “puzzle pieces”.  Nearly all the individual pieces were fused, with very heavy applications of powder frit in the lavender petals for their central clusters of veins.


Just waiting on the missing pieces cooling down in the kiln, and then getting some brass U came to smooth the edges of the border. Then I can solder this together.  



Glass sugar maple leaves that didn’t quite make it to target color shades and textures, but still beautiful. 

Happening now at Rose City Book Pub.

Located at:

1329 NE Fremont Street, Portland, OR 97212 Open noon to 10PM every day.





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