LATEST NEWS (6-25-2021)

Featured stained glass piece:

Strawberry Moon at Mason’s Creations, great for your double door windows

Midway through my career I had made the Peacock Window that I featured in a past newsletter. At the time I was still experimenting to see what different brands of stained glass would do when heated and bent and had made a duplicate domed moon component. I used one for the peacock background and stashed the other away for a future window, which I eventually used in this pair.

This one was made from streaky Spectrum glass, with just enough glass powder spread onto it so I could give it a few craters with a pencil tip/eraser or my finger. Then I fired it over a standard small dome shaped mold and foiled it like any other stained glass “puzzle piece”.

Depending on the season, atmospheric conditions, and sometimes even the kinds of trees, full moon light can shift the landscape in either direction from blues. In this case, purples. I could have used very dark purple glass for the tree trunks but thought streaky red ambers looked great as an opposing color, like possibly lit up by a camp fire.

Like this window? Next month is the Buck Moon, stay looney tuned.


Glass sugar maple leaves that didn’t quite make it to target color shades and textures, but still beautiful. 

@ Rose City Book Pub

1329 NE Fremont Street, Portland, OR 97212 Open noon to 10PM every day.